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A portal to visualize spatial data, 

and inform the coastal user.

The Coastal Portal

The Coastal Portal is an initiative to provide users with clear access to information and data related to the functions and activities that take place in the Belgian part of the North Sea and the Belgian coastal zone.

This portal offers:

· Interactive map products in a viewer
· Static map products in PDF format
· Downloadable metadata
· Useful web links tailored to each theme
· Information about sea, beach, dunes and polders

In this way, the Coastal Portal aims to function as a central referral portal to the multitude of sources of information about the Belgian sea area and the coastal zone.


Human Activities

From energy to tourism, the sea and our coast are the backbone of many activities.

Marine Life

The Belgian coast is of great importance for a diverse mix of biota, habitats and ecosystems.


The characteristics of the seawater and the subsoil determine both marine life and human use.

The Belgian Coast

  • What do we understand by "the coast"?
  • What does the Belgian part of the North Sea look like?
  • Which municipalities belong to "the coast"?
  • Who has what authority?
17 Dec 2019
The static maps were updated to match the upcoming new marine spatial plan, that comes into force from 2020 onwards.
09 May 2019

58 infographics that highlight the state of fish stocks exploited in Belgian fishery have been receiving an overhaul based on newly released data for 2018 and 2019. 

26 Mar 2019

In an effort to combat the rise of litter in the European marine environments, EMODnet Chemistry created several spatial data products on marine litter that combine data and measurements from over 100 partners and institutes. 

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