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Maritime heritage and archaeology

The Belgian part of the North Sea and the coastal area have a rich collection of maritime and coastal heritage. This maritime heritage occurs at sea and on land, and includes sailing heritage, architectural heritage, movable maritime heritage, intangible maritime heritage and coastal landscapes with historical value. Not only is the amount of historical elements notable, the spread over time is also remarkable. For example, remains of prehistoric mammals can be found amidst 19th century wrecks and warships.

Besides a rich patrimony, the coastline also experienced a strong evolution. From paleo-landscapes with vegetation, grazed by large mammals, over a dynamic coastline with large tidal channels at the time of the Romans, to a strongly delineated linear coastline as we know it today (HisGISKust).  

More info on and the geoportal of the Agency for Real Estate Heritage.

Paleo-landscapes and archaeology